Mason Jar Snow Globe

snow globe frontsnow globe back

This is probably the most knocked off christmas decoration going around the web, the Antropologie Mason Jar Snow Globe.

I, like most some what crafty persons fell in love with the idea of this product but couldn’t bring themselves to pay the price associated with it.

I modified mine a bit, I printed a forest scene on tracing paper ( to keep it transparent)  and to make it look more like an outdoor landscape:  see second photo, this is the jar back.

Here is what you will need:

1. Fresh Fallen Snow: This is the name of the product that I used. I bought it at Stats in Pasadena

2. Glitter: I used an iridescent white

3. Duco Cement: Bought at Ace Hardware Store

4. Vintage Velvet: to cover the lid bottom: I bought mine years ago at California Millinery in Los Angeles

5. Silver Glitter Glue

6. Tracing Paper & a printer to print your image

7. Pencil

8. Scissors

9. Mason Jars: I used pint & quart jars that I already had

10. Artificial Trees: Bought at several places, Michaels, Stats & believe it or not Rite Aide

Print out forest scene on tracing paper. Let dry. Cut around the trees to make a more interesting shape: see photo

landscape cut lines

Place tracing paper image in jar and adjust to size. Glue bottom edge and press into place. Let dry completely.

Trace around your jar lid, the circle part on back side of velvet. Cut out and glue the velvet to the lid. Stretch it to fit and cut away any fabric that hangs over lid edge.

Turn Lid over and place in ring. Select your tree. Position tree in center of lid and apply glue to both the tree bottom and to the lid. Press firmly to make sure tree sticks. Let dry completely.

Get your silver glitter glue and dab glitter on the tree. I also used an old paint brush to get better coverage with the glitter. Let dry.

Now that everything is dry, shake some fake snow into the jar and add some iridescent glitter. You will just have to eye this the first time to get a feel for how much you will need.

Place the lid with the tree into the jar. Position where you want the tree to be. Hold the lid down with your finger then tighten the ring on the lid tightly.

Turn your jar over and shake the glittery snow down to the bottom of the jar.

I added a bit of moss that I had and created a miniature landscape with my snow globe.


Here is the image that I used if you want to print a forest scene.

Campfire Soap

For those of you who are not able or willing to take a camping trip, you are in luck.

Marfa Brand makes a woodsy and smokey soap to full fill your camping senses without getting near a tent or camp fire.

Made with olive, palm, coconut, castor oils, shea butter, powdered rosemary, lapsang souchong tea, and essential oils of vetiver, fir needle, cypress, juniper berries.

Vote Vote Vote

Lisa Congdon’s #GoVote submission is like a unicorn exploding out of excitement to go to the polls.

Get out there and Vote today!


Teddy Bear cactus taken in Joshua Tree National Park.

Autumn is Coming

Made a quick trip to NY last week.

While it was warmer than we anticipated it was beginning to feel like autumn.

So hard to come back home to 92 degrees.

Tools: Swiss Army Knife


There are certain things that one must bring on a camping trip  as opposed to things that we just want to bring.


A classic, affordable, nicely designed tool to always have on your person.


Peace, Love, Camping Pillowcase

This is the same embroidery design that I used on my Peace, Love, Camping Bandana craft project except that I made the size of the embroidery larger to fit the pillowcase & I tried a new colorway. This is a fun project to do in anticipation of an up & coming camping trip or just to use in the comfort of your own home.

Here is a list of what you will need to make your own camping pillowcase:

1 pillowcase either bought or make your own

water soluble fabric marker

embroidery floss in the following colors:

Hot pink: DMC 601 = PEACE

Blush: DMC S800 = LOVE

Carnation:DMC 335 = CAMPING

Fushcia: DMC 3803 = PEACE SIGN

Metallic Thread: DMC S762 = STARS

Print out  embroidery design

Place design in the center of the pillowcase & trace it with the fabric marker

You can use a light box or you can tape the fabric & embroidery design on a sunny window to trace.

* Note I have found that  it is much easier to embroider your design before sewing your pillowcase together

Use an embroidery hoop to keep fabric taut

Stitch away

End of Summer Tomatoes

I know that it is officially autumn but here in southern california we are still having summer like weather. While some of you are pulling your boots & sweaters out of your closets I am harvesting the last crop of tomatoes.

This year I roasted and froze the tomatoes to make sauces & for soups.
I just sliced up the tomatoes, placed them on a large cookie sheet sprinkled them with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, a little thyme, drizzle a small amount of olive oil and some fresh garlic. ( leave the cloves of garlic in large pieces and discard them after roasting)

Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes on 400 degrees.


Place the tomatoes and all the drippings in a zip lock freezer bag. Press out the extra air and place it in your freezer.

It’s too hot today to make a batch of sauce or a pot of soup but I will post some recipes later when it is much cooler in my kitchen.

First Cup

Good morning.

Nothing like that first cup of coffee by the campfire.

Painted Rock


Hope you have a happy week end.


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